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Xi Lun sat in Lun Lun's lap playing with bamboo while her mother ate.A few minutes later, she tumbled out of the hammock.

The cubs are spending a good portion of their time sleeping and playing behind the scale now, especially overnight.

Monday, January 23 The girls have had quite the adventurous few days.

Lun Lun will generally begin teaching following behavior by vocalizing to her cubs and carrying them where she wants them to go.

The vocalization that Lun Lun makes is called a bleat, and it is a common vocalization we hear in the panda building.

I would rate it a 7 out of 10, mostly because she didn't quite stick the landing well.

On Sunday, Xi Lun found that the log that Lun Lun was leaning up against while eating was the item of choice to climb on.

Instead of making a beeline for the behind-the-scenes dens as she normally does, Xi Lun spent about 20-30 minutes playing with bamboo and exploring the dayroom.

She nursed shortly after, then headed back to the dens to sleep in her favorite spot in the nest box.

Just before lunchtime, Lun Lun carried Ya Lun out to the dayroom.

While Lun Lun ate, Ya Lun toodled around exploring the dayroom.

This morning, I tied a thin strip of carwash material to the mesh for the girls to play with.


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