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22.25 Meredith Kercher'smother Arline Kercher, has said she is "surprised and very shocked" by the court's decision.

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Spokesman Jeff Rathke says there have not been "any discussions of that kind" at the State Department.

He told reporters: There is an Italian legal process underway, so that's where the situation resides. Anne Bremner, spokeswoman for the Friends of Amanda Knox support group, said: It's such a scary time for her and she's very thankful for everybody's support but what a difficult time after eight years, three trials, and now it's at stake today.

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23.17 Francesco Maresca, the lawyer for Miss Kercher's family, expressed disappointment with the verdict. They have been convicted twice so it's a bit odd that it should change now.

He said: I think that it's a defeat for the Italian justice system. 22.40 In a separate statement the Knox's family expressed "profound gratitude" to those who had championed her innocence.

22.04 There were cries of joy in the courtroom from Mr Sollecito's supporters 21.55 David Marriott, a spokesman for Amanda Knox, said the verdict was unexpected.

He said: I personally feel overjoyed that the truth has won out, that she is innocent.

"Sometimes the rules-based system delivers an outcome which you find inconvenient, and the test of our democracy and our commitment to the rule of law is that, when inconvenient things happen, we still comply with the rules. We get court judgments that we don't like, but we don't try to dismiss the court judges, we accept the court's judgment. Three years ago Mr Lumumba moved with his wife and two children to Cracow in Poland, where he works in the music industry.

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