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Skyler asks if it's curable; the oncologist prefers the word "treatable." Walt asks about side effects. While the driver is inside the office, Walt walks near the car and picks up a squeegee.

Lifting the hood of the BMW, he jams the squeegee between the battery terminals.

Bim seems to be his town's biggest loser, but when he takes a needy 13-year-old boy named Bill under his wing, it seems there may be some hope for Bim. Cast: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Brooks Benedict, James Anderson, Hazel Keener. From the time they meet until the tale's tender conclusion, it's war on the "cliques" with Julie's proper Valley friends trying to reunite her with her old flame and Randy and his pal crashing the Valley parties. Coming of age movie set in Tulsa Oklahoma in the mid sixties. So when a group of socially-challenged misfits try to go Greek, they are immediately rejected by every house on campus. Cast: Nick Nolte, Jobeth Williams, Judd Hirsch, Ralph Macchio, Allen Garfield, Lee Grant, Richard Mulligan. A talented group of street-savvy urban kids hook up with Krush Groove, a hot new rocord label.

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Walt accuses Jesse of wearing a wire, which Jesse denies. "Your share," he tells Walt, tossing it in the air. He denies knowing anything about it, but his parents ask him to leave the house. " Skyler asks Walt, who's reluctant to commit to $90,000 worth of treatment that might not work and could leave them broke. Just give up and die." Walt once again crosses paths with the "KEN WINS" BMW at a service station.

He just wants to "touch base" and says he's "got dudes that would give their left nut for a little more" of Walt's meth. The oncologist tells Skyler and Walt that his cancer has spread from the lung to the lymph nodes. As one would expect, the man is bragging loudly into his Bluetooth headset.

Jesse congratulates "little bro" but advises that "not all learning comes out of books." Their mom checks in on them, walking away without reclosing the door.

"Can't let the scumbag warp the mind of our favorite son," says Jesse, to which Jake replies, "I'm the favorite? " Jesse holds the joint up, crushes it, and kicks it away.You're practically all they ever talk about." Alone in his room, Jesse comes across an old drawing he'd made mocking Walt and says, "Awesome." The drawing is on the back of a chemistry test marked with a big red "F." Scrawled across the bottom: "Ridiculous! "It's skunk-weed anyway," he says, getting into a cab.Apply yourself." As he reads this, Combo calls and says he's got customers for "the product." Jesse heads over to Walt's house and they talk outside. "So can I call them and tell them you'll start next week? the Flying Saucers in the living room, blurts out, "Then why don't you just fucking die, already?!They investigate and discover Jesse with one foot stuck in the patio furniture. "Hey, Mom." Shortly thereafter, Jesse puts head to pillow. Perhaps, she says, if Jesse agrees to attend "those meetings." But she frets about Jesse's effect on Jake, his little brother.The father says they must lay down the law and be consistent about it this time. sits peering into a microscope in his father's chemistry classroom. After a long pause, Walt, who's grading papers, says, "I just think that things have a way of working themselves out." Walter Jr. Jesse looks at the "Mathlete" and other awards in Jake's bedroom, while the boy types a report on the computer.They get up to leave, but he says he's just joking, and pulls a bag out of his pocket.


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