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Transgender is more about how you feel inside, where you don't necessarily have to change your body's genitalia. As a young child I liked playing with dolls, playing with girl things, or playing with girls in general.

I personally have never really identified with the word "transsexual," just because of its negative connotation. So I would say that at that point I was already starting to show who I really felt that I was.

When thinking about transgender issues, many still seem confused between being transsexual -- if that's even still proper terminology -- and being transgender. Isis King: To me, being a transsexual doesn't equate to being transgender.

A transsexual is someone who changes their body to be more of the opposite sex than the gender they were assigned at birth (born biologically).

Therefore I waited until I could live on my own and do my own thing in a whole different state before I even mentioned how I really felt. I would say my school was probably 95-percent black.

Growing up, I witnessed how some people were outcasts in my community.

King: No, I didn't even want to set myself up for that.

This is why I waited until after college, when I had the money to go move away and support myself, that I finally came forward and followed through on my transition.Current events on a global level are increasingly affecting our collective experience in how we view and position ourselves and others in the world.Whether we realize it or not, the exposure to new knowledge on a constant and increasingly frequent basis, along with increasing interaction between us all, is making us more receptive to accepting our incredible complexity and diversity.I was reading up on a documentary that NBC did in 2007 called King: Yes.I was on the second segment of the series, which was called "Born in the Wrong Body: On the Edge." It was about girls that were in the ballroom scene, which I was a part of, for about a year.All I had to go by were the examples I saw growing up within that community. Whatever didn't fit into the mold would be "corrected," whether that meant getting beaten up, you know... King: When I was younger I lived my life as a gay male, but that's not who I was, although even though I knew who I was, I just didn't know how to fully express it -- that is until I was actually surrounded by others who were like me.


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