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"The Grinning Man" is a feature-length episode of the BBC crime drama series Jonathan Creek, first broadcast on 1 January 2009.

Critical reaction to the episode from The Scotsman's Paul Whitelaw and The Northern Echo's Steve Pratt suggested that, at 120 minutes, the plot was overstretched.

The Stage's Mark Wright compared Smith favourably to her predecessor in the assistant role, Julia Sawalha as Carla Borrego, while both Scotland on Sunday's Chitra Ramaswamy and Sian Brewis for the Leicester Mercury discussed the nostalgia invoked by the episode, as a result of the series having been off-air since 2004.

Jonathan is still in the employment of the magician Adam Klaus, whose television series is receiving heavy criticism from viewers.

To Jonathan's bemusement, Klaus invests in the 3D pornography industry and begins dating the porn actress Candy Mountains (Jemma Walker).

Originally owned by a spiritualist, the mansion is now the property of his grandson, stage magician Lance Gessler (Nicholas Boulton).

Gessler lives with his mother, Constance (Judy Parfitt), his partner Elodie (Jenna Harrison), and their groundskeeper, Glenn (Ciarán Mc Menamin).Glenn reveals that he and Elodie were in love, and had recently married in secret.He suspects that Gessler may have murdered Elodie out of jealousy after she confessed their marriage to him.By making the video before killing Elodie, he could deflect suspicion from himself, leading the police to believe that she had faked her own death and run away.Gessler ensured the front page's authenticity by having Delia create the day's headline herself, releasing a briefcase full of bees in the middle of a local council meeting.She has Glenn assist her in burning the painting in Metropolis' grounds.


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