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However, they belonged to the same agency, SM Entertainment, which had a company policy to discourage office romances at that time (Although the agency is now more generous for it), so many fans didn’t believe in their relationship.

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Yoona officially admitted her relationship with Lee, which caused a stir nationwide because both of them have been leading celebrities of the entertainment world in South Korea.

Moreover, Yoona became the first member of Girls’ Generation to make his boyfriend to public, which triggered other members’ approval of their dating.

As mentioned above, Yoona is now dating with Lee Seung-gi, a versatile talent playing an active role in many entertainment fields.

Their dating called “Cinderella Dating” is said to be Yoona’s ideal situation of dating.

Currently Korean media reported that Yoona and Lee were officially broke up. They did not state the reasons why they broke up, but we can guess that their busy schedule did not let they have enough time to date.

There was a rumor that Yoona was dating with Donghae, a member of the boy group, Super Junior.Yoona and Lee are so busy to go out together, so they usually enjoy talking in a car after work.Lee always drives her home by a.m., which is called “Cinderella dating” among their fans.Finally she made her official debut as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007 and has become the most popular member of the group.Yoona is said to be dating with Lee Seung-gi, a South Korean singer, actor, MC and entertainer.” “I think they are a “golden couple.” Her attractiveness and great personal magnetism can lead to this result.

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