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Only proving more of a point that he has no respect for Shawn Michaels has down for this business.After his latest comments everybody is hoping Michaels will have what it takes to beat him and teach him the meaning for respect Event 10) Nobody had any problems watching this good match, at first JBL showed why he is still a top wrestler.– It is announced that tonight it will be Batista Vs. CM Punk Event 5: Kurt Angle is backstage with his new ally Matt Hardy.

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By control the match for about 10 minutes until Sting was finally able to come back into it.

He landed a couple of his signature moves on JBL, which only got him a two count. He then want for his Clothesline from hell but Sting move out of the way, then lock his opponent into the Scorpion Deathlock. Winner The Icon Sting Event 11) What a astounding wrestling match, every wrestling fan could not get enough of what they was seeing, and wish it lasted much longer then it did.. Cena talked to Todd Grisham about Candice Welcome back to TWE Revenge.

Jericho welcomes Finlay and begins talking about their feud that dates back for months now.

It started back at Summerslam 2008 and led up to the present day.

Matt Hardy tells him that this match is just a stepping stone for him.

His real challenge is this Sunday at Backlash when he must face The Undertaker for the WWEYA World Heavyweight Title.Shane hesitates, and simply laughs and begins to sign the contract. He says that Shane is a disgrace to the business, and he is no more than a little punk who wants all the attention.This gets Shane mad and they both have a Staredown. Event 1) What a great way to start off this show, after witnessing the amazing rivalry these two world class athletes had, has against each other by putting up unforgetttable matches, everyone was thrill to hear the announcement of Jericho vs Finlay.Even though Vladimir Kozlov try to kept up by attacking his opponent legs, he was no match for The Deadman who was on another level, not showing any mercy towards Kozlov, until he Tombstone him for the win.1-2-3 Winner The Undertaker Event 9) Wrestling fans can’t believe what Big Show, just said about Shawn Michaels.Jericho says that Finlay stole the title from him because of his Automatic Rematch Clause that he used at Survivor Series 2008.

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